Big thanks to our Coaches!


Big thanks to our Coaches!

Not only did our superb coaches step up for us to have a family vacation, now they are stepping up once again to take the wheel while we confirm our health – wink, wink. Make sure you give them a high five and a thank you.

That being said – it is SUPER important to sign up for classes. If we are unable to get a class covered, it will NOT be on the schedule. If we have to cancel a class you have signed up for, we will contact you.

Our goal with the 12 spots for a class is not only to give everyone space, but also to create room for the coaches to be able to give attention to everyone.

Thank you for your patience!

Workout of the Day


Build to a heavy complex

Snatch Grip Deadlift – Power Snatch – Hang Squat Snatch – Overhead Squat


1 Snatch
3 Overhead Squat