Next month we will be throwing another challenge at ya’. If you enjoyed the Bingo Game, you will probably enjoy this. It is a kettlebell challenge, but not like the ones in the past. There is no set # that you have to do, you make that up. The person who has the most kettlebell swings at the end of the challenge will be a winner.

AND of course the person with the most POINTS (I know how you love points) will also be a winner.

Kettlebell swings can be done at any weight (within reason), height or style. Challenge yourself – heavier weights for more challenging or eye level swings and lighter weights for newer movements. Google that – there are a ton of ways to swing.Make sure you say something like… “Siri, how do I KETTLEBELL Swing?” The kettlebell part will be important;)

At the end of EACH day, you will text your # to Alison at 209-345-4380. No text before 11:59pm? No score will be logged that day. We are raising the accountability bar.

How do you earn points? Every picture or post to Instagram (no instastory) with the @crossfitoakdale and #mayisforswingers will earn you 3 points. You can earn 1 point for every 50 swings you do each day. There will also be mini-challenges along the way….kind of like a kettlebell bingo card.

$20 get’s you in the challenge and a portion of that will come back to the winners.

Text Alison to sign up – if you don’t text her often, please include your name with the text. You can sign up at any point during the month, but if you put your money where your mouth is before April 15th, you will start with a 10 point lead.

Happy Swinging!

Thank you Terri!!

Workout of the Day


20 minutes to build to a heavy Front Squat double (That’s 2)



20 Cal Row

20 Wall Ball Shots 20/14