Level 1 Thoughts From Nick Z.


Level 1 Thoughts From Nick Z.

Nick and Jen attended the CrossFit Level 1 certification this weekend.  Here are Nick’s thoughts on the weekend.
This past weekend Jen and I attended the CrossFit Level 1 Course at NorCal CrossFit in San Jose. I was reluctant to sign up as I did not believe I would learn much. Though my CrossFit experience is not substantial, this site I had the mindset that I pretty much knew everything about the fundamentals of CrossFit. I have competed in several competitions, website including regionals, case and done well. How could I not understand the basics on which CrossFit was founded on? Turns out I was wrong, way wrong!
The course presented some of the very fundamental principles of CrossFit that many of us, myself included, have brushed over in pursuit of fast times and big numbers.  Technique does not have to suffer at the hand of intensity.  We get so caught up in PR’s and completing workout as RX’ed that we tend to sacrifice proper movement to get there, thinking that we are getting better only because we achieved our goal. I believe that this is a common misconception, as obtaining our goal by sacrificing proper movement and form does not imply that we are becoming more fit.  In reality, it may do the exact opposite.  Doing a couplet or triplet “as prescribed” and getting through one or two rounds during an 8 minute AMRAP does very little for an athlete. I learned this weekend that it is often wise to take a step back, chose a load that allows me to perform good movement and reach the level of intensity that leads to results.
PR’s are great, and serve as confirmation that our hard work is paying off. I understand that when we go for these big lifts, or best times, there will be some type of deviance from proper form/technique as we are pushing our bodies to the limits.  I believe, however, that the best way to see continuous improvement (and PR’s) in our fitness is to move properly, not with as much weight as possible or as fast as possible (those things will come in time.)  Having patience, breaking down movements and using effective progressions will yield far greater dividends later down the road.
The Level 1 Course has much to offer even the most seasoned CrossFit coach/athlete. I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about going. I walked away from the weekend with a better eye for effective movement and all together greater admiration for what CrossFit means and what it has to offer everyone that walks into our gym.


Workout of the Day

Max Effort Monday
High Bar Back Squat
Like Nick said, focus on effective movement.  I don’t care if the number on the board is huge if your movement isn’t perfect.  This is out first attempt at a HBBS 1RM, so be smart, get deep, keep your heels down and chest up.
Double Unders
Abmat Situps