Let the Magic happen


Let the Magic happen

How did the back squats go today? You might have felt like you were right in the swing of things, or you could have felt your body and soul being crushed down by the barbell. Either one is ok. Coach Denny finished up the 12 week cycle and we asked him to share some thoughts.

I wanted to provide a little guidance based on what I would consider to be quite the “Learning Experience” after completing weeks 7 to 12 of the squat program. The next four weeks are “on you” and with that I want to talk about my failure in fully tapping into the beauty and elegance of this programming. First, let’s talk about the purpose and goal and then I will reflect and share with you where I went off the freaking rails! 

Yes, you can expect some of the same such as prescribed percentages still being put on the board but what follows is the “on you” moments I mentioned previously. You’re going to encounter heavy sets of 3, sets of 2, and singles followed by de-loading  “Drop sets” with volume built in by means of higher rep schemes. These “Drop sets” are typically in sets of 4, 5, 6, and 10 (YES! 10’s) and are all about applying force and producing as much SPEED as possible from the bottom through the top of the squat. To sum it up, you are going to squeeze out some heavy sets then lighten the bar and apply intensity to loads like you never have before! This is where the MAGIC happens! 

Where I trespassed against the programming is the most important part and goes to why I am writing this for you. I mentally and physically attacked these sessions with such intensity in the heavy sets of 3’s, 2’s and singles that within a week I had very little “in the tank” for the Magic to take place within the drop sets. Please do not take this approach and is the reason why I am revisiting these next four weeks all over again. Please follow the guidance here. “Heavy” does not mean “Max”, it’s simply a “Heavy” for the day and you can count on the fact we will be adding weight to these sets very soon!!! Now it is time to let the Magic happen and get to work. You now will apply all that you have available “gas in the “Tank” for the drop sets!!! Each rep of every drop set we perform, from this point forward, you want to be thinking about two things: The first, STAY TIGHT! Secondly attack each rep like it’s a one rep max effort. Dig deep and apply as much force and effort into every rep; guess what the last reps will feel like? That’s right, ONE REP MAX!!! Expect to be wide-eyed, shaky, exhausted, and breathing like a freight train; It’s a beautiful physical experience interwoven with a mental test of grit and resilience.

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