Saturday 5/29/2021


Saturday 5/29/2021

Thanks to June, we can play a little bit more on the climbing ropes. June generously donated a third rope that has been set up by the cage pull-up rig. Make sure you give her a big ol’ THANK YOU next time you see her. But she might be at the top of the rope, so look up.

Murph has been moved up to Monday at 8am due to the extreme mini heat wave. Please make sure you get signed up on MindBody like you would a regular class.

Workout of the Day

For max reps of each:

5 min. of double-unders
5 min. of clean and jerks 95/65
3 min. of double-unders
3 min. of clean and jerks
1 min. of double-unders
1 min. of clean and jerks

Part B. Not for Time

10 Rope Climbs


Before the above – 12m to build to a heavy Power Clean

Not for time – 10 Rope climbs