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Top Tips For Your First 2 Years of CrossFit from Tabata Times.  A very nice list from Tabata Times.  I met Steve Kpa of Tabata Times at CrossFit Walnut Creek, page and they caught some sweet pictures of Louis, web Alison, Tricia and I in the middle of some tough WODs.  Steve and his crew have a great eye for good CrossFit stuff, so I would bookmark his online magazine.
In the link, he includes a list from on one my favorite CrossFit blogs ever, Barbells and Bacon.  Jon Matzner created this blog, but he hasn’t posted anything new in over a year.  It’s shame, because there is still great stuff there.  The list of 11 tips for a CrossFitter is insightful and simple, but I would suggest checking out B&B and reading the older posts, as they are just as good.  The content is extremely varied for a “fitness” blog – thoughts on training, the business of gyms, history, economics and more.  It’s great, thoughtful stuff.  I wish he still wrote this blog…
Homework for those of you thinking of coaching CrossFit: find and read the blog about Middle School gym teachers.

tshirtsCrossFit Oakdale T-shirts make great gifts for the upcoming season! Adults are $26 and kids are $16.

Workout of the Day
20 Wallball Shots 20/14
20 Chest to Bar Pullups
20 Box Jumps 24/20
There is an 18 minute cap.
At 5:30pm, if we have an extremely large class, we will partner this WOD up.  It will be an 18 minute Partner AMRAP, same rep scheme, but each partner will break at 10 reps.  So, P1 does 10 WB, P2 does 10 WB, P1 does 10 pullups, P2 does 10 pullups.  P1 does 10 BJ, P2 does 10 BJ.  Only 1 partner works at a time.  Get as many rounds as possible.