Important Message


Important Message

We have implemented the “sign up for class” system through the MindBody App since we have returned from quarantine. Thank you for signing up for classes! In doing so, our coaches know who will be coming and can adjust warmups accordingly. Our class sizes have increased, but there is still a waitlist every once in awhile.

If you are on the waitlist for a class, you will receive a notification if someone cancels. It will automatically put you in a class. If your schedule changes, and you can’t make that class, PLEASE go in and cancel. It will notify the next person on the waitlist.


*If you sign up for a class and don’t show up, someone might have missed out on attending. PLEASE CANCEL AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU CANNOT MAKE THE CLASS.

*Please do NOT show up for a class you have not signed up for. We are still social distancing the best we can (and cases are on the rise). We have a limited amount of spots in each class. We cannot fit you in if you are not on the schedule.

*We have adjusted the time restrictions on the class scheduling so that if there is a spot available, you could sign up 10 minutes before the class starts. If there is a spot, COME ON IN!

*Please show up approximately 5 minutes before the class starts, NOT 5 minutes after. This gives you time to get your whiteboard set up and think of any questions you may have about your personal workout before the class starts. If you accepted notifications from SugarWOD, you will get one when the workout is published the night before. Best to know what is coming up so you are prepared to go when class time comes.

Thank you for helping us make our classes flow!


“You’re the Rack, Jerk” 🙂

1 Clean + 3 Push Jerks
5 sets of this complex

There will be a secret, hidden conditioning workout at the end of the session