A little late to the game…


A little late to the game…

Social media is quite a tornado of thoughts and opinions these days. Filtering out the important stuff is much harder than it used to be. So, I took a few days to let it go. It is okay to take that break. (I am telling you and myself.)

Luckily, Morning Chalk-up gives me a little digest of the goings on in the CrossFit world. This is not an advertisement, just giving credit where credit it due. I was familiar with VetWOD, having participated in their online competition a few years ago. They provide support for veterans and first responders in the form of scholarships. Traumatic events shape the past and future of all those who experience them. PTSD can bring sleepless nights, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts/expressions or worse. This is no task to handle alone. We have friends and family very close to us that have experienced these difficulties first hand.

This year VetWOD has teamed up with Barbells for Bullies to match rescued pitbulls that have been trained as therapy and service dogs to a veteran or first responder in need.

Tomorrow’s workout is the first of two online events as part of the SitREP competition to fundraise for these organizations. If you are interested in signing up, the entry fee is $20 and you can register HERE. The first event will need to be entered by the end of the day on Saturday. Second event due a week later. We will do the second workout at the gym next Friday.

Teens Class

Workout of the Day


8 Power Cleans 95/65 Barbell or 50/35 DB
8 Thrusters 95/65 Barbell or 50/35 DB
30 Double Unders

Scaled – 30 singles, 75/55 BB or 35/20DB