I'm Knelling


I'm Knelling

I have spent the past hour trying to figure out how I wanted to word tonight’s post. Normally it is jus a quick, hey how are ya, here is the wod for Saturday type of deal.

BUT as someone who has been there for EVERY SINGLE CrossFit Oakdale Athlete’s 19.1 I couldn’t let this be an easy peasy post. This is Alison, BTW. I am a stream of consciousness type of writer, so please stick with me.

EVERYONE left it on the floor today. If you were one to hop off a rower quick, or slime past some wall ball shots, today was a lesson. If you were the type to shoot above and beyond a wall ball target on a daily basis, then today was a proving ground for you, showing you where your hard work has brought you.

Either way, you did it. You may have learned that the easiest, nay simplest, might just be the WOD’s that break you the most. This is week one, and if you are ready to redo it, we are game to judge you.

My take away from today? Pace yourself to a point. Keep your strokes per minute low, while your pulling power is high. When you get off the rower, calmly walk yourself to the wall (which would not be far away) and start the wall ball process.

Listen to your judge/coach. Let them count your reps, push your pace, and trust them to get you til the end.

We will have an organized warmed up at 9am, and our first heats should kick off at about 9:30.