19.1 is here.


19.1 is here.

So – I called this workout.  

I used the Big Lebowski because he bowls.  Bowling rhymes with rowing.  Boom. 

 In bowling, you use balls.  Just like in the workout.  Boom.

I like this workout. It’s easy logistically, the movements are simple. This workout can be done by very fit people and newbies as prescribed. So, if you were on the fence, sign up.

Now, just because I like the workout for the gym, I hate it for me. I am not particularly good at either movement, and there are no muscle-ups or handstand walking. Boo hoo for me.

I would categorize this one as simple on paper, might even look easy. Until you hit minute 12 and you realize you have turned your guts inside out.

I will post a more in depth warm up, but here it is: get ready to squat and pull. Breathe very heavy early for 5 to 8 minutes. Rest another 5-8 minutes. Head out at an 85% pace and hold it.

If you are great at wall ball, I would still recommend you break into 2 sets. I would recommend going UB if you are both tall and great at UB.

This workout will be won and lost on the rower. Be smooth and efficient on your pulls.  Do not go bananas.  Find a smooth pace – if you can easily pull 1500 cals per hour, settle in at 1200-1300.  1200?  Settle in at 1000.  1000 – that’s my jam.  I go slow enough and that’s what I get to hold.

Also, this may leave your legs sore, but I don’t think it’s metabolically challenging. This can be re-done.


 On the Wall Ball Shots, full depth on the squat and ball must hit the wall at the target. 

If you shoot higher than the target height and don’t make contact, NO REP. 

If you let your ball drop to the ground, you must let it settle, no catching it on the bounce. 

Breaking up the 19 wall balls is a great idea. That being said, you do receive points for every set you go unbroken on. 

Make your own decisions.

On the row: your feet must stay strapped into the rower until your monitor hits 19 calories.

And for those of you that just said (outloud or in your head) “I will just NOT strap my feet in,” then YOUR butt will stay on the rower until you hit 19 calories.

Open 19.1


19 Wallball Shots 20/14

19 Calorie Row