Getting Familiar


Getting Familiar

Ok, we are into week two, things are getting a little similar. So, Monday’s workout will be pretty similar.

We will begin adding some accessory strength training – you don’t have to do it, but, what the hell do you have going on. We will add simple stuff, curls, presses, etc – things that can be done with DB/KB.

Also, I’ve been playing with breath work for the last few days. I started doing Wim Hof breathing (more on that next week) but I went back to the archives for some old breathing stuff.

This called “hypoxic,” and it’s a swing/breathing exercise. I saw it on CrossFit Brand X in San Diego. Pick a a KB. Take a deep breath and hold it. Perform a swing. Take 2 breaths. Hold your breath and do 2 swings. Take 3 breaths. Do 3 swings. Keep going up. Can you reach 10? I have seen this with 1 breath between sets – that seem pretty tough.

I did this with pulls on the rower today. It was interesting – the first 5 pulls were tough. I had a tough time developing a rhythm. But when it got longer, and my lungs expanded, things got easier. Until I ran out of breath pulling hard.

Here’s my advice – don’t go crazy with this. Don’t use the heaviest bell. If you only have a heavy bell, don’t swing it too high. If you get light headed or dizzy, stop and sit down. Expanding your lungs doesn’t happen right away. If you do 5 breaths, great. If you do 6 next time, even better.

A decent way to prep for your set is to take 5 huge breaths in and out to get your lungs warmed up. I breath so loud people in the next room can hear me.

I don’t really know if this has any carryover to anything – does it make your breathing more efficient? Increase your VO2 max? I have no idea.

Tomorrow’s Schedule – Click on classes tomorrow to join

ROMWOD 8:30am

CrossFit 9am

Family Game Night Peeps!

“Fully Loaded”


10 Power Cleans 135/95

15 Pushups

“Half Cocked”

10 Alternating DB Hang Power Cleans

15 Pushups

“Empty Chamber”


10 Situps

10 Supermans

10 Pushups*

*If you are using empty chamber as a cashout, substitute Air Squats for Pushups