Born Primitive, O2 Recovery and Nooma Support Affiliates


Born Primitive, O2 Recovery and Nooma Support Affiliates

We have a fundraising t-shirt in the works – stay tuned for that:)

We appreciate all of you for sticking with us during this time. We are trying to do everything we can to continue life as virtually normal as possible. Our remote classes are a great way to get warmed up, worked out and cashed out! You don’t need all of the equipment to join the class, anything you can find to pickup works for us!

We have been lucky to team up with some great companies to help keep out doors open and lights on during this time. Born Primitive, founded by an active duty military family, has some awesome clothing to sweat or lounge in. Lots of red, white and blue, too. This promotion is only until Sunday, so check it out!

We carry the O2 and Nooma line of products. You can have them delivered right to your door as a discount.

Born Primitive – Free Shipping – use code recovery2140 until April 5th

O2 – You know the CBD drinks that we had in stock – This amazing company will donate 50% of sales to us if you use the code! They have also discounted their products by 50% use code recovery2140 until we open back up!

Nooma – You know that delicious electrolyte drink?!?! Place an order over $40 and receive 15% – use code CFOAKDALE15 If you don’t spend $40, please use code – we will get a referral credit. This program lasts until the end of May.

Tomorrow’s Schedule

RomWOD – 8:30am Click Here to Join the Meeting

CrossFit 9:00am Click Here to Join the Meeting

CrossFit Kids 3pm Click Here to Join the Meeting

Workout of the Day

“Fully Loaded”


6 Toes to Bar

12 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

24 DoubleUnders

Accessory Work

5 Sets of 15 Goat Bag Swings OR If you have weight for each hand, Dimmel Deadlift. This video shows it with a barbell, but the message is clear – controlled descent, FAST hips up.

“Half Cocked”


12 Situps

12 KB or Dumbbell Swings

12 Jumps over abmat/Dumbbell/Kettlebell/object

Same Accessory Work

“Empty Chamber”


12 Situps

12 Walking Lunges

24 Jumping Jacks

Same Accessory Work