Get ready for Game Night!


Get ready for Game Night!

Today’s workout has some double unders, which could be singles. Either way there is a rope to be jumped. Have you even jumped rope in your garage? Your ceiling might be a bit low, so try it out before you hop right in.

You may not want to jump on asphalt or concrete as it chews up your jumprope like a kid biting their fingernails. Lesson here? Don’t jump rope on rough surfaces and don’t bite your fingernails, it is unhygienic and you should go wash your hands. We haven’t said that to you in a week.

Please take the survey for our game night, even if you can’t make it. Click HERE for the survey. The more people who take the survey the better. Have your kids do it, your family members, anyone on social media. We will be pulling answers from it tomorrow.

Tomorrow night at 7pm will be the time for our game night. You don’t have to play, just come in and watch! Click HERE to enter the Game night meeting.

Brian is coaching tomorrow morning at 9am! Click Here to join the class

Workout of the Day

“Fully Loaded”

5 Rounds for Time

15 Deadlifts 225/155

60 Double Unders

“Half Cocked”

5 Rounds for Time

30 Kettlebell or Dumbbell Swings

60 Double Unders OR 15 jumps over your equipment

“Empty Chamber”

5 Rounds for Time

15 4-way Deadbugs

15 Jump Overs (find something to jump over )