Getting close


Getting close

Opening day is almost here!  Just for your information, prostate we will begin signing waivers at 8:30.  The WOD will be a 20 minute partner WOD.  Don’t worry, if you didn’t bring a partner, we’ll find on for you.  We hope to kick off the first wave at 9 sharp, and if needed, we’ll run another heat at 9:25 or so.
Dazed and Confused – Talk to Me Johnny.  There is so much great stuff here, it’s hard to say where to start. Think today’s generation is soft?  Then we should take it upon ourselves to set the example.  I hope the example I set for my kids is the one they need.
Workout of the Day
Bear Complex
5 sets, not for time, for the heaviest unbroken load of:
Clean, Front Squat, Jerk, Back Squat, Jerk from Behind the Neck.
You may rest in the hang, from the rack, overhead or on your back.  Anywhere but the ground.

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  1. bob

    Great Article! The days of “scare”tactics for kids behavior is long gone! If you treat Young adults with respect and model respectful behavior kids will follow!