Food for Thought

Coach Sarah here, cheapest and I’m gonna drop some info bombs about class timeliness… I come from both side of the tracks- a fairly regular 9AMer who is a part of the fun and craziness that makes a coach feel like they’re wrangling cats, page and a coach who has a mean case of diarrhea at the mouth resulting in classes that run late. Our coaches are awesome, our people/members are awesome, our gym is awesome, and what is the glue to all this awesomeness? Well, I think it boils down to respect. I started Crossfit at a gym that was founded on martial arts, so respect was HUGE, thus there was a burpee penalty for tardiness. While I don’t think that burpee penalty was absurd there, I think it is here- because I already know that respect is here at CFO, shoot, you feel the awesomeness when you walk through the door. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things we all could do- coaches and members alike- to prove that respect even more.  Obviously, arriving on time would be the best! I am aware that right before you are supposed to leave to go to the gym to arrive on time something weird always happens, like your toddler takes the biggest poop in his short 3 years of life… so clearly there will be times that can’t be avoided, and that’s when you have to do your best to jump in to warm up and make an effort to make sure you are aware of what the workout is/consists of without stealing time from the class as a whole before that workout starts. And then, try to avoid the toddler poop the next class. Ha! Next up, random potty episodes. Hey, I get it. Two words: Double Unders. I’m not saying don’t go- I’m not saying hold it til you turn yellow. I am saying, probably best to fit it in before everyone is ready to go for 3-2-1. How does one know when that will be? Well, if it’s a 20 min workout, best to go before there is 20 minutes left in class, ya dig? And if you missed the opportunity, and you gotta go, no worries- but don’t be butt hurt when that clock is already a minute deep by the time you return. Why should we go potty before “go” time, and why should we not be hurt if it’s started while we were in the bathroom? Because of respect. Respect for all the members and respect for the coaches. I want everyone to attend because they know they can fit that hour of power into their busy schedule. I’d hate for people to start cutting wods short, or not attending because they know it won’t end on time.
Lastly, I’ll end on this note- as a coach, I pinky swear to make the best of each hour I coach and make a valiant effort, every time, to end on time. Because why? Respect. You should all know you can be headed home on Wednesday at 7:30 to eat some grub! And headed to run the rest of your errands (or play golf, some of you are spoiled) by 10am on Thursday! Why? Respect. Spread the Word and the respectful love!

All Access Class! Another on Thursday at 8:20am
All Access Class! Another on Thursday at 8:20am

Workout of the Day
No Hook No Foot Snatch
15 Minutes
For Time
Chest to Bar Pullups
Power Snatch 75/55
Box Jump 24/20
20 Minute Cap