Thursday’s work is similar to Monday’s work – a 30 minute EMOM of Clean and Jerks. Here’s some pointers:

If you PR, take the weight down a bit. If you PR at minute 10, it’s probably not a great idea to try something you’ve never done before 20 more times.

If you are relatively new, or even if you are not, you can use 10 minute chunks, build for 10, then drop all they way down and start again. Your body needs to get used to moving heavy weight a lot.

Start lighter than you think. A naked barbell is fine to start.

Make it a game. Here’s what I do. I start light, and I go up by 10 pounds each round. If I open at 135, it’s 145, then 155 and up. When you miss, you drop by 20. So miss 245, your next attempt in 225. Miss 225? Next attempt is 205 buddy.

Ladies – go up by 5 each round. If you open at 85, you will be at 185 by minute 20.

If you start with a naked barbell, and increase 10 pounds, you will be at 245 by minute 20. And 345 by minute 30. Anyone that clean and jerks 345/285 gets a t-shirt.

Or use waves. Thats like 95-115-135-155, drop to 115-135-155-175, drop to 135-155-175-195, then 155-175-195-215. That’s 15 minutes in. Then go all the way down, and do the same thing at but start slightly higher, like 105.

This is not a perfect video, but it gets the point across – how do you miss? Have a plan – know if you tend to miss out front or behind and how to respond.

Workout of the Day

OTM 30

Clean and Jerk

Score is total pounds lifted.