Coffee Conundrum


Coffee Conundrum

Elisabeth Akinwale “I’m Not Trying to Be That Diesel”  I met Elisabeth at the Outlaw camp back in October.  All I have to say is that she’s awesome – she seemed smart, doctor grounded and funny.  And fit as hell.
I need your help on a coffee related problem.  In the morning, visit this site I drink black coffee that I make at the house.  In the afternoon, I usually have a cup of coffee around 2 or 3.  It gets me “up” for my afternoon workout.  For some reason, I prefer cream in my coffee in the afternoon.  Not milk, not half and half, actual cream.  The cream they use to whip to make into whipped cream.
At Starbucks, where I usually go, they don’t leave the good stuff on the coffee bar.  I don’t put sugar in it – I just like the creaminess and the fat.  At home, I blend unsalted butter in my coffee sometimes.  Trust me, it’s amazing.  Because I work all over the area, I go to many different Starbucks (I will head into Raley’s and hit the Peet’s counter when I can).  On Monday, at the drive thru Starbuck’s in Turlock, I ordered my cream, and they wanted to charge me $.60.  I was shocked – I told the guy I would drink it black.  I wasn’t going to pay $.60 for an ounce of cream – cream is just one half of half/half – the other half is milk.  He then told me never mind, and didn’t charge me for the cream.
Am I crazy?  Am I a jerk?  Would you pay $.60 for an ounce of cream?  Should I?
Workout of the Day
Open WOD 11.3
1 Squat Clean
1 Jerk
Men – 165, Ladies – 110
Take 15 minutes to warm up your squat clean and jerk.  You may “thruster” the weight.

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  1. Robin Cadmus

    I must be a jerk too….cause I would not like to pay for the cream. After all, it is a coffeehouse. Right? that’s what they do, make coffee drinks. What if I ordered a Breve….it’s all half and half. I think its time to talk to the management. Make a comment of Starbuck’s FB page. That will get them riled up!!