More on coffee, more BARBELL SMASH!


More on coffee, more BARBELL SMASH!

Bulletproof Coffee.  I posted yesterday about my coffee habits and I mentioned my love of butter in my coffee.  I’ve posted this before, price but this is where I got the idea.  I don’t use the author’s beans or MCT oil, more about just Peet’s coffee beans (which I grind), advice a Chemex Coffee maker, and high quality unsalted butter.  I put 2 tablespoons of butter in a cup, pour my coffee, hit it with a stick blender, and viola!  You get a rich, creamy head of foam and delicious coffee.

We <3 Chemex

We love our Chemex!

Fighting for it!
Workout of the Day
2 days, 2 “BARBELL SMASH” WODs.
3 Position Snatch
High, Mid, Ground
Take 20 minutes to build to a heavy set of this complex.  Focus on perfect movement, if it feels herky jerky, or you are pressing out, do not go up in weight.  Work it until you are hitting crisp, fast snatches.
30 Snatch 135/95
Scale appropriately.  Goal is to finish in under 5 minutes.