What I Learned Not Drinking For 2 Years by Andy Boyle.  As the calendar changes from one year to the next, see I’m sure you will have plenty of friends that will be back in the gym or on some type of nutrition plan.  You may find the new year as an excellent time to really focus on a new resolution as well.  I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the folks at Whole Life Challenge are ready to go on a new challenge right after the new year.

Making significant change can be tough.  Have you ever experienced the “peer pressure” Andy Boyle experienced?  I know I have.  Whether it’s skipping a “social event” to workout, not eat a piece of cake at a kid’s birthday, or turning down a drink, you may find people balk at you changing your life.  If you have friends that are not fit, have you ever noticed a pull to the “dark side?”  Again, I know I have.  Now, hopefully, through like minded people at CrossFit or other healthy pursuits, or through your own will, you can focus on what’s important – being healthy and happy.

I enjoyed Boyle’s easy going take on alcohol.  He didn’t turn into a prohibitionist.  He had a couple of drains here and there and it didn’t appear to derail him.  I would say I have gone on the other side of this.  I definitely turned down a beer (or many) over the years because I was focused on training.  I remember someone buying me donuts on my birthday a few years back, and I didn’t touch them.  This friend reminded me of this a few years later.  It was enough that they remembered me not eating their gift.  In their defense, I was this way for about 5 years.  What’s the right answer?  I don’t know.  If you feel like that donut or that beer is going to derail your focus, don’t have it.   


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