CrossFit is Everwhere


CrossFit is Everwhere

CrossFit was on “The Simpsons!”  Quick, help what is your favorite Simpsons episode?  Post to Facebook comments.  I am going with the one where Homer becomes the Union rep at the Power Plant to get a better dental plan.  But Flaming Moe’s was classic too…

4 Things I’ve Learned About Teaching From CrossFit from Cult of  BTW, this web Pedagogy is the method or practice of teaching.  Yes, I looked it up.

I saw this post from Amanda on Facebook, and loved it.  These are my favorite kind of CrossFit stories – folks that come in apprehensive but allow themselves to take part in the practice and find that it works for them.  In the end, thoughtful people that find a program that works, support from like minded people, and even joy seem to tell the best, most insightful stories.   


Workout of the Day

30 Thrusters 95/65

90 Doubleunders

20 Thrusters

60 Doubleunders

10 Thrusters

30 Doubleunders

In the remaining time in class, build to a max effort

Back Squat