Burpee Hour


Burpee Hour

If you are worried on how to remember what number burpee you are on, we will be marking you every 20 burpees. So yell your name out LOUD. If you are going to be burpee-ing and moving, let use know when you want to add burpees to your score. We will also have a speaker (small speaker) to handle those who are doing the burpees on the minute.

If you are burpee-ing from your location, you can find us on zoom at the link below.

You can text your order into Gillman’s at 209-840-3150. They will be taking orders around 10:30am tomorrow morning. Or you can walk up and order.

We will see you tomorrow morning at 10 am!

Tomorrow’s Schedule

CrossFit 10am Burpee Hour

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