9,565. That is the amount of burpees we completed in one hour as a community on Saturday. Scott was the top overall upper and downer with 633. Denny was the top coach with 696.

Jacob had the max calories burned 779.

Lizzy did 500 burpees in 45 minutes – she arrived a little late to the party…

Brooke got 475, Victoria had 450 and Justin P. has 446

Thank you fort coming out, getting up and down, supporting Gillman’s and having some fun in the sun. I promise, I will do everything in my power to avoid burpees this week.

Outdoor WOD’s Tuesday, Thursday 6pm and Saturday 10am this week.

Tomorrow’s Schedule

ROMWOD 8:30 am Click here to join

CrossFit 9 am Click here to join

This can help out during the #mediocremarathon – you have 2 weeks to add 25.2 miles to your life. Walk, run, skip, hop – just add some extra movement into your days. If there is running in the WOD, you can count it- it may make you do the workout 🙂 text 209-345-4380 if you need more info.

Workout of the Day


Squat Snatch

Spend 20 minutes building to heavy squat snatch

If you do not have a barbell, practice the squat snatch with a DB or KB




21 Power Snatch 95/65

21 Box Jumps and Over 24/20

21 Overhead Squat 95/65

21 Toes to Bar

If you don’t have bar, substitute DB/KB. You can sub tuck jumps for BJ&O and DB toe touch for toes to bar

“Empty Chamber”


42 Broomstick Snatch

21 Tuck Jumps

42 Broomstick OHS

21 Situps