An Open Invitation


An Open Invitation

Are any of you wondering, stomach “what is the Open everyone is talking about?”  Well, buy more about the Open is first stage of the CrossFit Games.  The CrossFit Games stated goal is to find the fittest man and woman alive.  We do this by testing ourselves on a level playing field – workouts announced by CrossFit HQ on Thursdays that must be competed by Monday at 5pm.

I’m sure the CrossFit Games are fun in their own, approved and I can assure you that Regionals are awesome, but fun is not a word I would use to describe it.  The Open is fun.  You have the opportunity to test your mettle in the comfort of your home gym.  We will do the workouts every Friday and Saturday.  If you plan on coming to workout, you will do the Open workouts.

The workouts are always challenging.  But so are the ones we do nearly everyday.  Because CrossFit is trying to find the fittest person in the world, we need rules.  So scaling or adjusting workouts to your ability level is not allowed.  Even though there is a scaled option, which makes the event much more accessible.

Why should you plunk down $20?  Well, you do this for the honor of being the kind of person that is known as the man – or woman – in the arena.  Not everyone has the guts to sign up and say they are the fittest person on their block, in their grocery store, gym, state or the world.

Also, the Open offers an opportunity to push yourself more than you likely though possible.  PR Snatches, first Muscle Ups, first doubleunders, first Pullups or Toes to Bar are something we see every year because people have made the decision to be better than yesterday.

Finally, the Open gives you an incredible data point to measure your fitness.  You may do a workout and get 1 rep.  But next year, that workout comes up, and you get 5 rounds.  You have competed in the the most important and pure way – against yourself.  And you have won.

The Open represents everything we believe in – broad, general inclusive tests of constantly varied functional movement done at high intensity.

With fun t shirts, good music (as long as you don’t let me DJ), great people working hard and supporting each other.  What are you waiting for?  Sign up and join CrossFit Oakdale and we’ll see you for 16.1!


Workout of the Day


Push Complex, Week 5 of 6

For this week’s complex, please want to focus on cycling the barbell.  Try to receive the bar then immediately move into the next rep.  So, this should be heavy, but not so heavy that you are having to stand there, recharging your batteries for the next rep.  Dip, press and return, go again.


10 RFT

10 Pullups

10 Wallball Shots

12 minute cap