Airing it Out


Airing it Out

So after 3 days of heavy duty lifting and some tough conditioning WODs, cure we are going to “air” the body out with a longer duration running WOD.  Feel free to sub Air Dyne (20 cals) or the Row  (500m) for the run.  When you return from you run, order get in a plank position of your choice, look at the clock, and hold it for 30 seconds.  Then flip over and do some sit-ups.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Just as a heads up, we will do heavy deficit pulls with a Clean Grip on Friday.

For Saturday, we will be combining the Snatch and Clean and Jerk into 1 lifting session.  At 9 and 10, you will get 15 minutes to get a max effort in each lift.  In this amount of time, you can get pretty warm, but you need to be judicious about the attempts and jumps you make.  As it’s not a TON of time, you may really want to go for it on the Snatch, and find you are taxed for a big Clean and Jerk.  Conversely, you may take your time getting to a decent Snatch weight, but never hit a really big number, and it’s time to Clean and Jerk.

I would like to hold firm on these numbers, so no running over time, even if you have something you want to make, 15 minutes is all you get.

For more experienced athletes, I would recommend working to no more than 80% of 1RM, or numbers you plan to attempt as your opening lift for the Lift Off.  Hit those numbers, then stop and get ready for the next event.

Finally, there will a be a short but sweet conditioning WOD at 9 and 10.  Well, it can be long, but it’s really up to what you are willing to endure.  More on this tomorrow.


Workout of the Day


400m Run

30 Second Plank Hold

30 Abmat Situps