CLEAN Grip Deficit Deadlift


CLEAN Grip Deficit Deadlift

For the Clean Grip Deficit Deadlift – this should not be a check your soul and go to a dark place movement.  This is more about positioning your body and feeling through the Clean Grip Deadlift from a deeper starting position and an elongated pull.  The sets of 2 will likely require a hook grip, adiposity as gravity will want to take the bar away from you – don’t let it.

If you are working out at 10am on Saturday, viagra 60mg I want to do the Bergeron Beep Test. It is an OTM of 7 Thrusters 75/45, diagnosis 7 Pullups, 7 Burpees. This looks simple, and I can assure you, it is not. I think the word is elegant.
To scale, I would ask that you test this bad boy by doing 1 round as fast as possible in the next day. If you can complete a round in 40 seconds, you should give 7s a try. If not, I recommend dropping the reps and possibly down to 5 per round
The goal is to complete 10 rounds, and more if possible.
I have done this before, and figured I could get 10 easily. I did 7 and was completely crushed. The rest period was non existent and as soon as you break from your cycling, it eats up clock and you are done. I also thought I could take a minute off and re-start. Wrong. Once I lost speed, it was over. There is little room for error and forces fast movement and transitions. Try to find a decent middle ground by picking a smart number. 7 is extreme – you need to cycle the bar quick, have butterfly pull-ups and fast burpees. 4 or 5 is probably smart.
At 9 AM, we will have a lifting session followed by something similar, but not so complex to scale.

Post Halloween WOD Party!

Post Halloween WOD Party!

Workout of the Day


Clean Grip Deficit Deadlift

5 sets of 2

Use 60-70% of your Clean



Deadlift 185/135

Box Jump 24/20