A New Adventure


A New Adventure

This is hard to write. Coach Jess has been a staple around the pullup rig or the rings for the past few years. I call her the “muscle-up whisperer.” If you want a muscle up, she will guide you up there, physically and mentally.

It has been wonderful to watch her grow a coach and an athlete. Coaching classes of the magic number of 17 people became old hat. No one trained harder on handstands and handstand walking, meeting her goal of long distance handstand walking. She practices what she preaches.

She has judged many a competition, and many competitive moments with her beastly husband, Bryce, who has been a staple throughout the gym as well. No one can weld like that guy.

We have learned so much from her and are truly thankful for the time she has spent with us.

We wanted to let you know that Coach Jess has accepted an opportunity to go and coach in Modesto and will be a part of breaking ground at a new affiliate.

We wish the Seats family the best of luck as they go forward on their new adventure. We will miss you!

Workout of the Day


20 Rep Back Squat

Add 5-10 # from last week. I feel like this got easier last week? Anyone have the same feels?


For Time

50 Pushups

750 m Row

50 Pushups