22.2 Tips


22.2 Tips

I didn’t do a strategy for 22.1, because honestly, you could either do the wall walks well, could get over the box smooth, and that was all that really mattered.  There were some tactical considerations, but you were either prepared and could go fast or not.  I think the lack of strategic aspects in the workout really showed that repeats didn’t really show a huge improvement. The best increases we saw were 20 reps or so, and more prevalent were 3-8 rep improvements on re-do.

22.2 is pretty similar. Lots of hinging. You might get dizzy. You will need to go faster than you want, it will start to hurt, and you will need to hold pace.

I am pleased with the burpee standard, because it’s not ticky tack.  Lie down. Get up. Get over the bar.  I have very little to say here, because the variance allowed for the movement will create 100 different really effective styles.  Find yours and do it. Fast.

My advice really comes on the deadlift.  If you are strong and a good deadlifter, this is a burpee workout.  You must transition fast, and IMMEDIATELY pick up the bar.  You will need to catch you breath while deadlifting.

Here is what I mean by being a good deadlifter – you use your whole body to pull the weight.  This is NOT a gripping good morning.  Think about segmenting the deadlift – start your warm up by pulling from the knee to the hip.  Then, start pulling from the floor to the knee, and then knee to the hip.  Work this segmented piece, and focus on driving your heels through the floor as the bar passes your knees.  On the descent, focus on pushing your butt back and controlling the weight down, getting a nice “bounce” through your hamstrings.  Use the stretch shortening cycle to cycle your reps. If you really hinge or candy cane, 100 deads will add up.  You may not be able to tie your shoes effectively, much less think of a redo.

My other big advice is to keep your head up on the pull.  If you leave your head down, looking at the floor, you may tend to hinge.  Find a spot on the wall or the rig, and focus there.  Where the head goes the body will follow.

Your score will come down to a few factors. Are you good, safe and fast on the deadlift?  Are you smooth and consistent and the burpees? Finally, you need to waste no time as you finish you burpees and start pulling the bar.  Get your feet under the bar, get your hands on it, keep your head up, butt down and pull.