Competetive CrossFit is not OVER.


Competetive CrossFit is not OVER.

The 2022 CrossFit Games Open is over. At least the first three weeks. If you haven’t spent the last 72 hours on the leaderboard app, don’t worry. We have.

Before we get into what happens next, we want to push back the end of the Open Part-tay. We have decided to do it AFTER the quarterfinals – March 27th at noon. At the party, we will announce MVP’s of each week.

Our teams racked up some points with their outfits, Insta posts and attacking workouts multiple times.

Congratulations to The Winners! Their total point score was 1420. The Wolverines came in second place with 1311 and the Vanilla Vaqueros with 1195.

The highest point earner is The Winners Team Leader Justin E, with 233 points, followed closely by teammate Austin T with 231 points. Highest earner for the Vanilla Vaqueros is Lizzy (American) with 193 points. The Wolverine highest point earner was Brian with 270. That guy fights to earn some judging points. Second place point earner was Scott with 174. All of these athletes earned lots of points for redoing workouts.

Quarterfinals are next and we have 6 Athletes who qualified and sooo many who were close.

Congratulations to:

Scott – 93rd percentile

Brian- 93rd percentile

Jack O.- 95th percentile

Denny – 99th percentile (more like 99.99999%)

Jack Hub – 90th percentile

Brooke – 91st percentile

We will have much more to talk about at the party on the 27th. Brian will be giving