How to attack The Open.


How to attack The Open.

The Open is almost upon us!  In 2 weeks (less actually) we will start the CrossFit Games season with 3 workouts.  Each week, a workout will be announced at 12p on Thursday, and scores must be submitted by 5p on Monday.

We will post the workout for competition on Friday and Saturday.


If you are concerned about preparing for the Open, don’t be! If you have been coming to CFO for more than 6 months, you are probably prepared for the Open.  Do the workouts, try your best and have fun!  This post is geared to the folks that may be done the Open before, and are looking to squeeze the last bits of juice out of the fitness orange.

If you are completing the daily workouts, I highly suggest you supplement with the posted accessory/skill workouts.  I post 2 of these every week, and I will add a third cardio centric workout for the next 6 weeks.

The accessory work is generally the high skill stuff that advanced CrossFitters need to get into the top 10% and beyond.

Please take the judging course!  It will make you a better, more prepared athlete!

The Week

I said this last year after the Open – we had a bunch of folks qualify for the quarterfinals.  But we had nearly 3 times that number that finished in the top 20% of the world – we were so close to having a gang in the quarters!


If you are close to making the top 10%, I suggest you do the workout on Friday.  Give it your best effort, but take notes and pay serious attention to what strategies the gym and the world are employing to get a better score.

Following the Friday effort, get on the bike and/or rower for 7-10 minutes at a conversational pace to flush blood.


Come in on Saturday, help judge, learn and strategize.  I will program a second workout for you to do to offset the effects of the open workout.


On Sunday, I suggest moving around, breathing, stretching and possibly doing movement prep for your Monday re-do. If you are jammed for time, Sunday can be your re-do day.

We will be open from 10-12 on Mondays for re-tests.  Please text Alison AND set up someone to judge for you. Alison cannot do all the judging.

I would rest on Tuesdays.  We will have another hard workout programmed on Wednesdays, breathing/moving workouts on Thursday, and back to the grind on Friday.

Here’s the deal

If you are serious about making the top 10 and want to give your best effort in the quarters, NOW is the time to turn it on.  If you have not done additional work, don’t add it all this week.  Add 1 accessory session this week, then add a second the first week of the open, a third the second week of the open, and keep building THROUGH the Open.  There is a 2 week break before the quarters, where you will be asked to perform at least 5 really tough workouts across a 72 hour period.  Start the sprint now.