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Yup another new technique!

May 16, 2012
    • Being injured hasn’t been fun. I pulled my pec major and minor exactly a month ago and had spent everyday recovering damaged tissue, troche at the same time, getting ready for Regionals. But, like anything, I’ve learned a lot, and I have some new tools in my tool box: Bowen, KT tape, some new stretches and now…Graston Technique.

      Graston is similar to foam rolling or Bowen. The practitioner uses steel tools to scrape the damaged muscle and tendons. I’ve read that the practitioner can “feel” the damage, as the tools act as a stethoscope for the muscles. Sound like fun? Well, it isn’t. You can definitely hear it when the tools hit the spots were scar tissue has accumulated.

      Graston was recommended to me by Chad from Rocklin CrossFit and our own Justin E. Looking at the different methods, I think Bowen is an excellent way to develop mobility and clear out tight spots. For me, it will become monthly maintenance. Graston seems more extreme, but I would seek it out if you have a specific pain area. But…Graston is intense. I went to Rejuvaspine in Stockton, and on the phone, Dr T told me “How much I can do depends on your pain threshold.” Uh-oh. By the end of the session, we were both sweating, me from enduring, and Dr T from digging into me as hard as he could.

      Workout of the Day

      Deadlift, 5RM
      Week 8 of 8. Get a good warm up. Go for it!

      50 Burpee Box Jump over Box 24/20

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