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What a Weekend!

March 26, 2012

CrossFit Oakdale had a busy weekend, ampoule with two events: the Oakdale SOS 5k/1 mile and the culmination of the CrossFit Games Opens.  I’ll review the CrossFit Games Open tomorrow.


A handful of CrossFit Oakdale athletes took on a 1 mile and 5k run in Oakdale on Saturday.  The run was a fundraiser for Oakdale schools, prescription and had over 360 runners.  In the end, this site the SOS run raised over $11,000!


We had plenty of great achievements on Saturday:


Gloria won her age division in the 5k!


Dylan Lizama, Kirk’s son, took second on both the mile and the 5k in his age division and 24th overall!  And he’s just 8!


Brandon Tyler and I ran with Shai and Finn in the 1 mile, and they carried us to second and third place finishes for our age division!


Courtney pushed young Cole in his first run!


Alison ran with Jack and Will and ended up doing a 1 mile kid carry (maybe 3/4 mile, haha).  As Alison crossed the finish line, the announcer gave her the unofficial “runner of the day” award!


This was a nice little community event, and it was fun to get out of the gym to do it.  Because this was fun, do you think that means we’ll run more?  Um, no.  I will tell anyone that asks that I’m not a big running fan.  I feel like the body quickly adapts to running, especially distance running.  I was impressed how prepared I felt to run hard even though I haven’t run farther than 1200m (the distance of the CFO loop) in over 2 years.  Most of the distances we run are between 200 and 400m, yet CFO athletes were prepared to run 10x that amount with a smile on their faces.  We compete everyday in the gym, and a race is an excellent way to push yourself.  If you have an interest in running, you will need “time on you feet” to prep for events, and we can talk about how to integrate CrossFit in your training to make you better prepared.


Great job and way to show you’re ready for anything!

Workout of the Day





Use 2-3 sets to warm up.  Use the warm up and even the first two sets of 5 to prep for the last set of 5.  Think of this as your 5RM.  We will be working with this over the next 2 months.




10 Deadlift 225/155

15/10 Hand Release Pushups


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