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Weekend Update

February 11, 2013




The Weekend Update is undoubtedly my favorite part of Saturday Night Live. I am no Jane Curtain by any means (excluding the similar names in one of my favorite 80’s sitcoms) but I do enjoy reviewing the weekend and seeing what can be done when most people are taking it easy.

This weekend was the Third Annual Valentine’s Challenge at CrossFit Combat Fitness in Fresno, pill CA. This was a  competition for coed teams. Team Wessling and Team Chits & Giggles (Lou and Rita – you choose which one is Giggles) went up against approximately 18 other couples in WODs that were just plain fun. The floater WOD used a ridiculously cool 30 foot Monkey Bar Rig. There were crab walks, more about bear crawls and partner carries.

The partner carry was probably the most fun to pick apart. Before they explained the WOD, buy we figured that guy would carry girl, AND girl would carry guy. Both Rita and Tricia are half the size of their husbands. They are both strong enough and capable of doing it. BUT they didn’t have to. They were both be swept off their feet and carried  4 lengths of the indoor soccer field, followed by partner wheel barrows. After that was completed, they had an AMRAP of sled pushes and kettlebell swings.

WOD 3/4 was my favorite. 2 minutes of as many partner hold situps, then for 4 minutes after as many squat clean & jerks as possible…face to face. These CFO athletes had great movement as well as communication through this WOD. As soon as one person dropped the bar the other was right back on it.

They were all great. A lot of love. I have to tell you that this was Rita’s first “outside the box” competition. She could not have done better. She flew through the monkey bars,  pushed the sled even though her legs were not complying and then went one for one on barbell work with Lou. She has a great partner, but she also had an amazing never give up spirit. Make sure you give her a high five the next time you see her.

On a side note, if you are not a competitor, you can always be a spectator and join us in our weekend adventures. There is a lot to be learned in watching the movement of others, trying out new things (I had a blast on the monkey bars) and  spending some time with great people. The Opens are coming up and Regionals are the weekend of May 24-26th. Mark your Calendars!



Workout of the Day


Max Effort Monday

Hang Clean Triple

Build to your heaviest possible set of 3 Hang Cleans in 20 minutes.



60 Chest to Bar Pullups

At the top of every minute, including the first minute, do 15 air squats.


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