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TMI (Too Much Information…)

January 28, 2012

Remember, hospital 9am is a Bring A Friend WOD. Come on out and have some fun!

From the Too Much Information Dept…

I’m a pretty lucky guy. I get to workout with family and friends everyday. I have a regular job. I work with great people. We work hard and we generally enjoy each other’s company. They know I’m fitness obsessed: I try not to preach fitness/nutrition too much, order and they don’t break my chops too much about skipping lunch.

But a man’s gotta eat, doctor right? We were headed to Turlock, and lunch options were thrown out: Mexican, Red Robin, fast food, and…Sizzler! I haven’t been in a Sizzler in 25 years. I was almost giddy to go. I’m two weeks into paleo, and I’ve yet to break from from full-on paleo. I figured I could eat meat and veggies, and get out of there ahead of the game.

As far as my order, tri-tip and steamed brocolli, I felt like that’s a win. In truth, the meat was likely seasoned with non-paleo approved spices, but I was able to sit down with my team and share a meal, so I’ll sacrifice the $1 for some spices.

I noticed a few things: The buffet, which a lot of people were hitting, was covered with cheap food, usually breaded. The food looked appetizing in that comfort food, I know it’s horrible, but I bet it’s good kinda way. The cups that came with your lunch were huge, at least 32oz. If you ordered a soda, you’re staring down 500 calories in soda alone. The buffet was about $10, so for the guys that got it, there was a desire to get you money’s worth. Which meant filling up on breaded, empty calories.

Again, I feel like I made some good decisions, and didn’t cave in. If you’ve hung around me a little bit, you may know a dark secret: I’m gassy. Sometimes I stink. Like burn your eyeballs stink. Since I started the paleo challenge, I’ve noticed gassy-ness reduced to the lowest levels I can ever remember. But 3 hours after a seemingly clean meal, the gas monster struck. And it hit all the guys I work with. What’s up with that? If you believe Robb Wolf, it might be what the cow was eating that irritated my stomach. Nearly everything I’ve eaten in the last 2 weeks has been prepared at home, creating a gas free zone. 1 meal out, and it’s back to stink city.


Workout of the Day

9am Bring a Friend WOD
We’ll be using the sleds.

10am Advanced
Run 1200m
50 CTB Pullups
100 Hand Release Pushups
200 Squats
Run 1200m

Rest 10
Heavy Sled/Heavy Snatch Couplet

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