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"The Chief"

June 16, 2015

I am genuinely excited about tomorrow’s CrossFit Benchmark – it’s not a “Girl” – or even a Hero WOD per se – but it is an excellent test of fitness.  It challenging, dosage repeatable and easy to assess to process.

The progress is what I am excited about.  I think we have some pretty good scores on our board, more about but I think we can blow nearly every score off the board.  I think many of you are very capable of 25 rounds, order and we may even see a 30 round effort.

The way I score the Chief is you pick up each round where you left off. I have done it other ways, but with the built in rest, I find the “pick up where you left off style” is the most intense effort.

If you are looking for a big score, here is my advice:

Chain your power cleans together.  It’s only 3, it’s relatively light, and the quick singles lead to a little too much bouncing of the bar.  There is no time to chase the barbell.  Your grip will recover on the push ups and squats, as they are not grip taxing.

As you transition from Cleans to Push ups, drop down immediately and begin.  As you transition from Push ups to Squats, when you kick up from your plank, land in a squat stance and begin you squats there.  It will save you a second or so, but added over 30 rounds, that can be a major addition.

Push ups are standard.  No hand release is required.

Counting may be tough.  If you are going really fast, I recommend counting your rounds between periods, as even kicking a chip can waste valuable seconds.

If possible, grab a box or chair, keep you counting system there with a bottle of water and a towel.  That way you can sit down for a few seconds and recover as you try to drill yourself into the ground with this triplet.


Workout of the Day

“The Chief”

5 Rounds of 3m AMRAP

3 Cleans 135/95

6 Pushups

9 Air Squats

Rest 1 minute between rounds.  Pick up where you left off after each round.

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