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Snatch/Burpee Tester

October 20, 2014

On Monday, try we will be re-testing the 3RM Snatch/Burpee WOD.  The way the test works is: with a 5 minute cap, viagra approved you will attempt a 3 RM, click Touch and Go Snatch.  You may rest overhead or in the hang, but you may not rest the bar on the ground.  For the Snatch, any style is ok – Squat, Split or Power.  You may find you are able to catch in the power on rep 1, but you may be pulling your body into a squat by rep 3.

When you complete your 3 Rep Snatch, you will spend the remainder of the 5 minutes getting in as many Burpees as possible.  More on that later.

To score, you will combine the pounds lifted with the number of burpees completed.  For example, if you Snatch 150, then do 75 burpees, your score is 225.

What happens if you miss a lift?  In a perfect world, you would get a 0.  I would like you to feel the pressure of “I have to make this lift right now.”  I would like for you to go into this test with the idea of nailing the lift on your first try.  Because you are testing your ability, there should be a razor thin line of being conservative and pushing your limits.  For a test like this, I would likely try something that I knew I could make, but I would like to pump my fist after making.

Because this is not a perfect world, I will give you a second attempt.  If you miss, wait 2 minutes, adjust the weight if needed and try again at the 2 minute mark.  Coaches will set the clock for 7 minutes to ensure that misses are accounted for.

So…how do you do best on this “test?”  Ideally you will perform a heavy (for you) Snatch and then smash the burpees.  Against a fit field, a big lift is a better way to score in a WOD like this.  Strong males should be able to push past 200 pounds, some will be way over this.  Someone really good at burpees can get close to 100 in 5 minutes, although that is a ton.  Most athletes will be somewhere in the 60 to 80 range.  It will be very tough to make up “points” by doing more burpees.

Finally, last time we did this I had my athletes touch a target 6″ above their reach.  Not everyone did the reach 6 weeks ago, but that’s ok.  If you are re-testing, do the same thing you did last time.  If you want to burpee to a touch even if you didn’t do it the first time, do the touches.  Try to match your old score on the burpees, cause it’s harder to make that reach.

You will have about 20 minutes to warm up your lift.  Personally, I like to warm up with the 3 position Snatch early, then get into doubles and singles.  The only triple I would likely attempt would be my game time lift.

Mike B and Jen C getting their pull-ups done during the killer thruster/c2bwod on Saturday

Mike B and Jen C getting their pull-ups done during the killer thruster/c2bwod on Saturday

Workout of the Day

Snatch/Burpee Test

In 5 minutes, perform a 3RM Snatch.  When the 3 RM Snatch is complete, use the remaining time to perform as many burpees as possible.

Your score is the weight you Snatch in the 3RM plus the burpees you complete.

Unless otherwise directed, perform burpees to a touch 6″ beyond your reach.

In the remaining timer in class, perform L Sit.  You may do this on the dip apparatus (Matador), the rings, or hanging L Sits.

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