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April 26, 2017
 I’m gonna attempt to write something, without sounding too ‘preachy’.  I will say outright that I do not know EVERYTHING about nutrition, exercise and health.  But there is one fundamental fact that I have finally attained after many years of chasing that provides the basis for my journey of progressive health, and that fact is that you MUST have self love.  I’m not talking about hippity dippity stuff here- you don’t have to “settle” for anything either, cause lets be real- we don’t “settle” with things we find as flaws within ourselves or our appearance.  But you MUST love yourself in order to truly be healthy- no matter the size, the behaviors, the lifestyle.  Let me explain why…
     First of all, I don’t say diet because that means you’re probably tied to it for a short period of time rather then a lifestyle.  When you begin a/your nutrition journey and you lack self love, you are doing it out of anger and resentment with how your body looks or performs.  This foundation is a rocky one and will surely not support a lifetime of healthy eating.  Not to mention your actions and choices of food comes from a ‘punishment’ mindset.  You are depriving yourself of foods because you dislike your current body’s state of health.  What is worse is when you do allow yourself to indulge- the word itself has taken a negative tone.  Indulging becomes an idea of “weakness” and even more depressing is you bathe yourself in guilt with every single moment of it.  This horrible cycle does not last for long.  One usually flies way off the tracks on the magnitude of self hate and then the very idea of trying that healthy nutrition journey again, resorts to some crazy form of PTSD.  Self love in nutrition is important.
Second we have exercise.  I’m not talking just about CrossFit, but moving and being active beyond the normal amount of movement.  Some of us do it because we have a crazy addiction to CrossFit and exercise.  Some of us do it because we ate a whole pizza the night before.  Some of us do it because we drank our weight in ounces of wine the night before… Anywho, all those reasons would be negative.  They would be punishment to our bodies, and it is wrong.  That’s when we hurt ourselves, and we feel super achey the next day- all red flags of “unhealthy” choices.  We need to do movement and exercise to love our bodies more- watch it do things we never thought it could do, but safely perform so that it may continue to do it.  Self love in exercise is important.
    Lastly, we have the generalized idea of “health”; this word should be completely interchangeable with the word “lifetime”.  If you truly love yourself, you will be determined with no assisted or guilt ridden help to move forward in finding the extra things you want or need in your life to keep on living like the King or Queen you are.  Do you pop or creak?  If you have self love, you’ll explore what natural spices or supplements you can begin implementing in your life to alleviate that.  Do you have anxiety attacks?  If you have self love you will explore meditative exercises or food changes you can begin implementing in your life to alleviate that.  Did you fly over the handlebars of your dirt bike?  If you have self love you will explore additional mobility work to further your bendiness to alleviate that…
    And on that note, I’m gonna ROMWOD.  Love yourself.  Good night y’all.
Workout of the Day
9 Rounds for Time
3 Deadlifts 315/225
9 Handstand Pushups
12 Box Jumps 24/20
30 Minute Cap
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