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Ropes and Field Trips

July 23, 2012

I put a rope up on the Muscle Up rig so we can work on some climbing.  We will be going over climbing techniques this week.  A complete climb will be touching metal (which will be explained).  Completing a rope climb is an excellent goal for a beginning athlete.  It’s an amazing confidence boost, doctor knowing you can pull your body over an obstacle.  Have you ever climbed a rope?


That being said, cheapest please be prepared when you attempt to climb.  We will teach a few techniques, approved and I would HIGHLY recommend wearing high socks, or even better, pants, when attempting to climb.  Keep your wits about you, especially ON THE WAY DOWN.  You do not want to slide down the rope like Batman and Robin sliding down the bat-pole (I had to get a Batman reference in the somewhere).  Depending on your technique, rope climbing can chew up your shoes.


Don’t forget, Saturday, July 28, we’ll do a WOD at Knights Ferry.  It will be a triplet, with gymnastics, a weightlifting movement and a run.  We’ll meet at CFO at 9am, and drive up to Knights Ferry.  The drive should take 20 minutes.  We should kick off the WOD around 9:45.  This will be an excellent opportunity to train in a different, beautiful location, and to get ready for the upcoming Tough Mudder.


Workout of the Day



Max Effort Monday

Snatch (from the floor)



3 Rounds

7 Hang Snatch 135/95 (or use recent “Isabel” weight)

Run 200m

Rest 1 minute

Your rest is built into your time.  Time stop after your 3rd run.

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