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Relay for Life and How You Can Join Our Team

February 12, 2013

CrossFit Oakdale will be participating as a Team for Relay For Life here in good ole’ Oakdale, recipe CA. Relay for Life is an overnight community walk to raise money for the American Cancer Society. It has been a fundraising event for over 25 years. The money goes toward helping cancer patients along their journey of treatment as well as the road to recovery. I am sure that cancer has touched all of us, story one way or another.

The event takes place on April 27th and 28th, 2013. We will be camping out overnight, spending the day together and taking turns walking….but we will be doing it CFO Style. That means….mini-WODS at the event, challenges leading up to the event AND a booth to showcase who we are and how we can support our community.

Each Team member is required to raise $100. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing the details on how we will be raising money in house for the adults. Each Kid Member is required to raise the same amount to stay overnight.

This weekend we will be having our first kids fundraiser. It will be Saturday, February 16th, 2013 at noon. There will be a CrossFit Oakdale Kids Competition. Ages 5 and up are welcome. The entry fee is $5. The workout will be coached to the class – basic bodyweight movements- and then we will 3..2..1..Go! After the Kids WOD finishes up there will be a teen competition….think Deadlifts, sled pushes and box jumps. The teen category will be ages 10 and up and kids ages 5-9.

There will also be a raffle for t-shirts, 1 month of CrossFit Kids Oakdale Classes and prizes for the top Athletes. All of the money will be distributed equally among our Kids to go towards their fundraising efforts.

All kids are welcome. For younger kids…and easily distracted ones…a parent may help coach their child during the workout.

If you are interested in coming to the challenge, please email Alison at crossfitoakdale@gmail.com. You can RSVP to the event HERE.

We are 75 days away from the event and have a long way to reach our goal. Please join our team and get to fundraising! Sign up HERE for our team and make sure you sign up for the CrossFit Oakdale Team.


Finn & Kate will be competing this weekend.

Workout of the Day


High Bar Back Squat

3 sets of 5

If you squat under 200, add 5 pounds from last week.  If you squat over 200, add 10 pounds from last week.  We started at 60% of 1RM.  Warm up, and use the same weight for all 3 sets.



50 Doubleunders

7 Burpees

50 Doubleunders

14 Burpees

50 Doubleunders

21 Burpees…

Keep repeating this couplet, going up  by 7 until 12 minutes is up.  Sub 20 attempts.


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