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Post Franniversary Thoughts

December 10, 2014

Three Franniversary thoughts:

There are a couple swear words in this post.  I don’t think the emotion of the moment can be properly captioned with edited versions of my interactions.  Sometimes the “F” word is the most descriptive word in the English language.

Christian’s partner was friend of CFO Krista Messer.  During the Fran portion, this web I saw Krista banging out thrusters, clinic picking up the bar (with Bob yelling at her) and doing some more.  I remember wondering “where is her partner?”  I went over to Bob and asked “where is Christian?”  Without losing count, visit this Bob said over his shoulder “He’s in the parking lot throwing up,” and kept counting for Krista.  It warms the cockles of my heart that someone would go that hard. Way to push yourself Christian!

Nick G is a 5:30am warrior.  He comes in and crushes whatever is on the board and goes about his day.  I was so psyched when he signed up with one of my favorite athletes, Gina.  I knew Nick was going to go HAM, even though he had been caught carb loading with a adult beverages the night before.    After the gauntlet, Nick had that swimmy eyed look, and told me “I’m fucked up.  I don’t think I can do anything else.”  At that point, I thought, that’s a win. Even if they can’t do Kar-abel.  But when it came time for their heat, they walked onto the floor and they crushed it.  Gina might be one of the best battle buddies out there. Great attitude, pushes through every time.  Even better, Nick’s buddies were there breaking his chops all day.

Alison and I went back and forth on the sequence of the Girls Gauntlet.  We knew Diane had to be first, because we didn’t want people going to their heads whilst completely exhausted.  But the way the Gauntlet played out was perfect.  Seeing teams crumble after Grace, knowing they had just blown up their pressers on Annie was classic.  Seeing folks laying on the ground literally moments before they had to do Fran brings a twinkle to my eye.  Jen Z was particularly impressed – she told me “Grace is fucked up.” 

If you have moments that you would like to share, please post them to comments on Facebook. 


Workout of the Day


Push Press Milo, Week 6 of 8

3 Push Press OTM for 10,  add 5# to last week


75 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

Run TL Davis Loop

75 Kettlebell Swings

20 minute cap

I originally had this planned for later in the week, but I wanted to run, and it supposed to pour Thursday and Friday – let’s see if we can beat the rain.

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