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Paleo Challenge Updates

October 02, 2013

Lurong WOD 4.  Please review L1, site 2 and 3 options.  It’s basically thrusters and T2B or sit-ups.

The 2013 CrossFit Games will begin airing on ESPN tomorrow!  I dumped cable a couple of years ago, order so I rarely get to see these productions.  I’m sure many of you will get questions about CrossFit from folks who are learning about it the first time from ESPN.  That still blows my mind – for many of us our introduction to CrossFit was through a website or finding a warehouse in a semi deserted parking lot.

Paleo Update/Confessions

I’m actually surprised how much I’m enjoying this challenge.  I’ve “cheated” once, story at a wedding, and even then, the food was high quality and nutrient dense.  Well, maybe not Todd’s beer, but it was delicious.

I really miss cream in my coffee from time to time.  When I go with cream, I usually add heavy whipping cream or high quality unsalted butter (yes, butter).  I recently tried coconut cream – it’s thick and delicious.  It’s a little coconut-y for my taste, but when I want cream, it hits the spot.  It is calorie dense, so if you’re looking to lose weight, tread lightly, Chaci.

I may be addicted to Spade L marinade, a meat seasoning sold in Raley’s.  I would put that stuff on cornflakes.  If I could eat cornflakes, that is.  They have a variety of seasonings, but the meat and chicken are my favorite.  Spade L tri-tip is break your jaw off good, but alas, it has sugar.  I’ve transitioned to Monet’s Basque seasoning.  It’s excellent, and I use it to season eggs, meat chicken and more.  We usually have some at the gym for sale.

The only nitrate free bacon I can deal with is Trader Joe’s.  I don’t like the Trader Joe’s Black Forest, and Sprouts brand is way too expensive (over $15 a pound!!!!!).  12oz of Trader Joe’s nitrate free is $3.99.  Just don’t buy it all (Louis, Bill!)

There is a rumor that Bill went to the Grocery Outlet in Oakdale and bought ALL the nitrate free bacon ends that were in stock the day the challenge started.  The reason it’s a rumor is because the guy at the store told us that Bill did it.  Nice prepping, but save some for the rest of us homie!




Workout of the Day

Lurong WOD 4

50 Thrusters 95/65

50 Toes to Bar


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