Lurong WOD 4 on Wednesday


Lurong WOD 4 on Wednesday

Some schedule adjustments from my FB post:
Lurong WOD 4 (Thruster/T2B) will be on Wednesday.  I originally thought the score was due next Sunday, buy more about but Adele pointed out WOD 4 is due THIS Sunday.  We will allow for make-up times on Saturday as well.
The Ground to Overhead (G2O)/Burpee Box Jump couplet will be moved to Friday.
The CFO Total will be Saturday.  It will be a combination of your best lifts of: Thruster (from the ground), case Weighted Pullup, Weighted Pushup.
We will be rolling out info for the Franiversary this week – we will announce movements and loads this week.  We will begin announcing the WODs next week – we want you to practice them, strategize, and go as fast a humanly possible.

Julie and Pete  - couples working together!

Julie and Pete – couples working together!

Workout of the Day
Fast Cindy
10 RFT
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats
12 minute cap
Do not pace.  Go fast and attack.
Good Morning
Remember, 20% of your 1RM back squat.  If you are using more than 70#, you better be squatting more than 400 pounds.