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On to 18.2

February 26, 2018

By 5pm today scores were all submitted and locked in. Kourtney finished up 18.1 redo around 4:35pm and I (Alison) called Finn at 4:52pm and tried to find out if he submitted his score. He is 14, so he didn’t, and since I made his account and forgot the password his score was entered literally at 4:59pm. This one is in the bag. 

I will be calculating points this evening, Coaches will be finalizing their MVP votes and we will have some fun stuff to talk about tomorrow night. 


Tomorrow begins the week of 18.2 – AKA WRESTLE MANIA! This week will be put on by the WOD SQUAD – Team Tim. This one is out of my league, but I am hoping to get some tights and sparkle on. I have some high hopes for Wendy, as she has hinted to an outfit full of sequins. I have also convinced (it wasn’t hard) (that’s what she said) Brian to bring out a singlet… 

What are you doing for 18.2?

The jar is back on the counter to guess the next workout. This week we will also be collecting canned food (non perishables), toiletries and blankets/warm clothes to donate to Community Sharing in Oakdale. 

CrossFit Sonora will be coming down on Friday night and we will go up there on the 9th. 

Workout of the Day

OTM 8 Minutes

20 seconds on/40 seconds rest

Handstand pushups, Handstand work, Handstand walking, etc

OTM 8 Minutes

30 seconds of work/ 30 seconds of rest

5 Medicine Ball Cleans

THEN for the rest of the 30 seconds as many Chest to Bar Pullups as possible

OTM 8 Minutes

40 seconds of work/20 seconds of rest

Row for Calories


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