Team MVP's for Week 1


Team MVP's for Week 1

Jack Orosco
Ready or Not Beer We Come
Jack brought a STRONG Seinfeld Game all week. He also helped Open first timers by giving them tips. And to top is off, he kicked his OWN ASS 2x on 18.1. -Coach Tricia

Sarah Wade
I believe when an Athlete faces challenges during a WOD, but continues to fight with tenacity, it shows a great deal about their character. Although Sarah struggled to complete the WOD Saturday, she never quit. She came back in again with the mindset to persist. She never let the frustrations deter her from overcoming her adversity. – Coach Tim

Gloria McKaughan
Dreaming of PHITNESS
Gloria showed up Friday, did the workout, AND showed up Saturday, dressed in Seinfeld attire to support other Athletes. 
True Team Spirit.
-Coach Brad

June VonRotz
The Tribe
June pushed through the nerves to put up a top 200 score in the WORLD. She also sat around and supported everyone on her birthday.
-Coach Denny

Chelsie Stilwell
Masters of Their Domain
I am a huge fan of people doing the Open for the first time. The new challenge and the uneasy feeling of leaving your comfort zone is why we do this. Chelsie attacked 18.1 with trepidation. But as she got tired, she pushed harder, finishing with rows in the 1000cal/hr range. Intensity through the ROOF! –Coach Brian
Workout of the Day
OTM for 15 Minutes perform 1 Power Snatch.
Using the OTM work up to 60-70% of your 1RM and stay there for each subsequent lift.
Rest 2 minutes
OTM for 15 Minutes perform 1 Power Clean.
Same  protocol. 
Record your best lift for each.