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Now What?

April 08, 2015

The Open is over – so what now?  The goal is always to become more fit.  For many, treat the desire after the Open, when you have been breathing heavy, the urge is normally to want to lift heavy and get strong.  That is a great idea.  We will always provide cycles to focus on strength and the Olympic lifts.  I am working on a seminar or 2 and we will re-new our focus on the Snatch in the coming weeks.

Of course, getting better at CrossFit isn’t quite so simple as “just get stronger.”  It helps, but you also need to focus on the 9 other physical skills, most likely with equal intensity as your quest for strength.

Here’s my advice – you may think you are looking to get stronger, but what we all really want is to be better.  That means more durable, more skillful, and yes stronger.  Unfortunately, the answer isn’t always Squat More or Clean More.  For many of us, the answer lies where everything starts – our core, or midline.  Everything starts there – our breath, our stabilization, our power.  If you are looking to put in extra work, for many of us, this needs to be the focus.  But how?

Warm up

Louis has brought renewed focus to the warm up.  Generally, my goal of a warm up is to get the blood moving so you can get to work.  Louis has been doing some mad scientist research on warm ups.  We have been activating the core, firing up the central nervous system and fighting for positions in ways that are new to many of us.  If you get the chance, get to one of Louis classes and pay attention to the details of his warm ups. We will begin integrating these movements as we learn them, but it is very important to actually hold and fight for the positions we are trying to emphasize.  Yes, these are uncomfortable.  Yes, you may find yourself sweating or shaking like a leaf.  But this is how we can earn back the real estate we have lost by sitting all day or moving poorly.  Here’s the deal, you will get your position corrected on these movements.  Coaches will tell you to reposition your foot, or get your shins vertical or pinch your shoulder blades.  If you listen, you may find things just got harder.  This is correct.  But these corrective warm up movements will make everything better.  They are not meant to be rushed through, so take your time and move the best you can.

Weighted Walks

Walking with weight in one of the easiest ways to build a strong durable body.  It may be as simple as picking up 2 DB or KB and walking the parking lot.

BUT…we can do better.  On weighted walks, let’s renew our focus.  Don’t worry about weight as much as position.  When you grab that weight, try to hold your should as if you were in position 1 of a lift, with shoulders up, back and down.  As you walk, try to pull your belly button to your spine.  Start light.  Fight for that position as you walk around the lot.  Grab a buddy and talk as you walk.  You can do this everyday.  Weighted walks for position.  Do them!

Core work

Planks are the new sit up.  Or hang from the pull-up bar with your knees above your hips.  Static hold that make you shake like you are being electrocuted are the new crunch.  We will be reviewing these in class, so use them after.  A weighted walk followed by a plank session is a great way to get in extra work and develop your system.

We also have a new, pretty nice GHD.  Now, we want you to use it, but we want you to use it safely.  If you have never been on the GHD, ask a coach how to use it.  And, everyone want to do GHD sit-ups.  But Back and Hip Extensions are just as, if not more important.  As a general rule, if I do GHD sit ups, I do the equal number of hip extensions.

Sled Work

Keep this simple.  Grab a sled.  Grab a buddy.  Push it back and forth for 10 minutes.  Move it fast.  You don’t need as much weight a s you think.  Don’t just push it, pull it too.  Change it up, make it fun. Spring is here and summer is coming – take your shirt off and work like Conan.  Sled push followed by a plank for 10 minutes after class.  Or maybe some sled pushes followed by Doubleunders?  Boo-ya!

Now, all this extra work should not interfere with an ongoing class.  If a class is using KB, you may have to plan around your weighted walks.  Maybe grab a plate a do your walks as you pinch the plate.  Yuck!  But, damn it’s effective.  



Workout of the Day

With a 12 minute running clock

4 minutes – Row for calories

4 minutes – Burpees to 6″ touch

4 minutes – Clean and Jerk 135/95

Your score is total number of calories rowed, plus Burpees, plus Clean and Jerks.  Shamelessly borrowed from the mothership, CrossFit.com.  We only have 4 rowers, but this WOD can easily be done in waves of 4.

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