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My Snatch Game

February 17, 2016

Thursday’s workout is what I call the Snatch Game.  After a few years of lifting heavy, cure just hitting numbers isn’t always the most fun.  To keep it interesting, story I like to play little games.  Like how heavy can I go without hook grip, or lifting shoes, or a belt.  I don’t really suggest this stuff for everyone, but I like to change it it, even just a little to keep it fresh.  One of my favorite “games” is taking 20 minutes to Snatch.  On the minute, I do a lift.  If I make it, I add 10 pounds.  If I miss, I drop 20.  This takes some strategy, but don’t overthink it.  Yes, if you start at 95, by minute 20 you should be lifting 295.  Generally, this goes pretty smooth by minute 10, then by minute 12 to 15, I get into PR territory.  Instead of going OTM, I may take a little extra time.  If you want to hold strictly to OTM, great.  You will get some lifts in and get some heavy breathing as you change out weight (this is harder than it sounds) and pull big lifts.

Try different variations, like catch every lift in the overhead squat, or don’t hook until, or try the no hook, no foot variation until you hit minute 8 or so.

One more thing, if you have a Snatch over 150, you can try adding 10 pounds per lift.  If you are under 150, try adding 5 pounds each lift.

Workout of the Day


OTM for 20 minutes perform a Snatch.  If you make a lift, add 10/5 pounds.  If you miss, drop 20/10.

There is a conditioning WOD.  It has a 10 minute cap.

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