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Mission Accomplished

February 14, 2012

Tonight  I am proud to announce the winners of the Paleo Challenge. I don’t want to be that mom who thinks everyone should get a trophy, ambulance because you should only get one if you put in the hard work. There was hard work done here over the past 4 weeks. 14 people signed up for this challenge, and they are now down only in inches and weight. Collectively,we have lost over 40# and over 50″!

Eating Paleo is all in the preparation. All of the foods are whole foods, and easily accessible in grocery stores, yet the average American wouldn’t hit the Raley’s in search of lunch. The challengers took on eating: Meat, poultry, fish and eggs, low starch veggies, little fruit, some nuts and seeds, & good fats.  No dairy. No grains. No legumes.

There is strength in community and what strength we had! A Facebook page was set up in order to support our little community. Soon there were articles on healthy living, recipes swapped and pictures of food the challengers had made in order to get through the cravings.

The All Around Challenger Award goes to Kat who embraced the Paleo lifestyle like no other. She was on the ball with the journaling, delving deep into new recipes and sharing all new info she found. Out of a total of 224 possible points, she racked up 201. She also lost 9# and 5.75″. Every workout she came to, she brought all she had and left it on the floor. To add another number to her name…Kat has also increased her squat depth by at least 2 inches. Thank you Kat for the amazing attitude that you brought to the game. Keep it up!

Gloria came in with 191 points out of 224 and the best chicken piccata EVER. She also added 32 repetitions to her baseline WOD (1/2 Cindy) Gloria does Cindy Rx. Gloria ROCKS. She also owed only $1 to the honeypot…Impressive! Thanks Gloria for being part of our challenge!

For the Most Improved on the baseline, Lara added 104 repetitions to her baseline. 104! I know her family is enjoying the Paleo meals they have been eating, adding to the benefit of a healthy you = happy family. Great job Lara!

Want to know what they got? Gloria and Kat each went home with 5# of Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef  and bottle of local organic Olive Oil from Stueve Farms . I have info on how to get more of the good stuff.  Lara picked up a Sunflower Gift bag with some almonds, nitrate free bacon, hand balm, agave nectar and $25 gift card to Sunflower Market in Modesto.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Thanks to: Ashly F, Emmaline Q, Melissa G, Tricia W, Megan A, Jim R, Kim R, Adele B, Steph K, Brian H and Hannah W. I learned a lot, and hope you all did too. Looking forward to the next Paleo Challenge!

Workout of the Day

“Smoking Gun”


4 Burpee Deadlift

3 Burpee Cleans

2 Burpee Squat Clean

1 Burpee Squat Clean and Jerk

Men – 155, Women – 100

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