There is NO "I" in Team

CFO sent 2 teams to the CrossFit Combat Fitness Valentine’s Couples Challenge in Fresno on Saturday.  This was a fun, salve low key event that raised money for a ministry in Haiti.  Alison and I finished 1st, sick and Tricia and Bob W. finished 8th out of 20 teams.
It’s no secret that I love CrossFit competitions: you put yourself “in the arena”, you push yourself harder than you thought, and you learn SO much about yourself.  This was my second team/couples event, and I have to say, I like team events even more than individual.  It’s more fun, as the camaraderie is palpable: you really want to work hard for your team.  At the same time, it you have a weakness, or get tired, your teammate can pick you up.  It’s like all the things that are great about CrossFit, and all the things that are great about team sports are mixed.  The most fun I have ever had at a CrossFit event was the team wallclimb/wall ball toss at the CrossFit Moxie throw down.  You literally threw you teammate over the wall for a number of times.  My wife stepped on my face at least 3 times.  And I pushed her in the tush over a fence.  Then we played medicine ball catch over a fence, blindly.  That’s better than marriage counseling!
I think as CrossFit events grow, the team events will get bigger and better.  The Sac Town Throwdown took place this weekend, and it’s arguably the biggest CrossFit event outside of the Games and the OC Throwdown.  I’d really like to do this one next year.  I will continue to seek out team CrossFit events.  I hope we can build a fun-loving CrossFit Oakdale team, challenging ourselves and supporting each other.
We’ve been kicking butt with the strength training, hitting good numbers on the lifts, and our form is looking great.  This week, we may have only 1 strength session, and it will be mid-week.  We will do a couple of heavy-ish WODs, that will test your sustained strength and tax the central nervous system.  Tuesday will be one of those: scale it appropriately.  Use the warmup sessions to find a weight that will be challenging, yet that you can keep moving.  Hint for Tuesday: It’s “Smokin'”.

Teams Love Haiti and Oakdale PWN definitely had a presence in Fresno this weekend…not just for their kids taking over a indoor soccer complex.

Workout of the Day
10 Pullups
20 Overhead Squats 75/45
30 Lateral Jumps Over Barbell
If you are competing in the Open, you may do 30 Doubleunders for the lateral jumps.  No singles or backwards.