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"Macho Man"

October 16, 2014

We have done Thursday’s WOD at CFO before – we did it on the day we moved into our current facility.  But there is now a twist.  Instead of just trying to hang on, cure the WOD adds work late.  So, recipe like life, the reward for hard work is more work.

There are 2 weight options – only try 185/115 if you have done it before and hit 10 rounds.  If you do not hit 6 rounds, you must drop the weight by 20# and start over after a 3 minute rest.

If at any time you feel shame for not using enough weight, be aware Froning got 20 plus rounds of Macho Man at 225.  There is always someone better, using more weight.  And that’s ok.  Do your best, move well and work your ass off. 


Workout of the Day

“Macho Man”

OTM for as long as possible

3 Power Cleans

3 Front Squat

3 Shoulder to Overhead


If you are confident you can hit 10 rounds, you may try 185/115.  At 10 minutes, you must complete 4 reps of each movement.  At 11 minutes, you must complete 5 reps of each movement.  The next round, 6…

Cash Out (if time is available)

Practice L-Pullups

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