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Low Bar Vs High Bar Back Squat

July 25, 2012

WARNING: Somewhat technical training talk ahead.  Read at your own risk…

High Bar vs. Low Bar by Rippetoe.  I’m pretty sure this video is from a CrossFit Barbell cert, web probably from 2006 or 2007.  You guys probably don’t care about this stuff, and I’m not sure you need to.  One day, I hope I’m strong enough to have a big argument on the value of low bar vs. high bar squatting.  I’m not there yet.  If you have 2 minutes, just check out the anger and vitriol in the comments over this video.

An excellent video breaking down the variations on different squats.

If feel like the Low Bar is easier to teach and learn, especially for back squatting.  I wouldn’t worry about the High Bar Back Squat until your Olympic lifts are really strong.

I tend to agree with Rip, that we Low Bar Back Squat for leg strength and posterior chain work, and Front Squat to develop strength and virtuosity in the Olympic lifts.


Workout of the Day



Back Squat

3 Rep Max

This is our second week testing this.  We’ll be using percentages of the 3RM, so make sure you test your 3RM.  If you already tested it last week, do it again, and average your two lifts.



Alternating Tabata (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for 8 rounds)

Air Squat

Double Under


This WOD is 8 minutes.  In the first minute, for 20 seconds, do as many perfect air squats as possible.  Rest 10 seconds, and pick up your jump rope.  At the 30 second mark, do as many Doubleunders as possible for 20 seconds.  Stop at 50 seconds, and rest for 10 seconds.  Do this for a total of 8 rounds.  Keep a running count of all your reps, this is your score.


If you do not have Doubleunders, do DU attempts.

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