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Ladies Bunco and Our Annual Christmas Party

December 08, 2016
Annual Holiday Bunco and Ladies White elephant:) This is a ladies only event. You don’t have to know how to play bunco…we will teach you and it is fun and easy. If you can roll dice you can play bunco.
Please make sure you RSVP if you are attending, stuff not just if you like the idea of it. Final headcount is important.
Cost $11 to play, patient bring some food to share and whatever you would like to drink.
White elephant gift limit is $25 – no limits on how awesome, drug silly or ridiculous your gift may be.
feel free to invite a friend – just let Alison know how many of you will be attending. 18 years of age or older please!
Holiday Party!
It is time again to celebrate the holiday season with our annual party and white elephant!
$10 for adults $5 for kids – all you can eat tacos and quesadillas.
Appetizers and desserts to share are always welcome. Don’t forget your drinks!

White Elephant for adults – $25 limit
White Elephant for kids-$10 limit
You must give a gift to get a gift – you don’t need to participate in the White Elephant to enjoy the party….but it does make it exciting!

All spouses, significant others and family members are welcome! Headcount is a must – planning is necessary!




Workout of the Day

Gymnastic Strength/Skill

OTM 10 

5 Pullups

5 Dips


In 20 minutes Build to a heavy Behind the Neck Split Jerk

We have tried this workout once before. The weight comes from the rack, The last time we did this, you had to clean the weight that you jerked up. Now you may strip the bar to a reasonable weight to clean, then reload. I recommend guys keeping 45’s and ladies keeping 25’s/35’s  on the bar. Otherwise it will take to much time.  Your clean shouldn’t limit your behind the neck jerk.

At the top of every minute, including the first, perform 20 double unders. 

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